Three-Side Seal With Stand-up Pouch & Zipper Bag Making MachineBJ-H-TN600


  • The pouch making machine from Pro Doing is the result of recent exhaustive P&D.
  • The challenges overcome, promise a much more competitive product.
  • The exclusive 'pulsating condenser mould plate' is used in the zipper sealing unit to give a beautiful finished product to the pouches. The 'stand-up unwind pushing type' ensures a precise moving length of materials. When the machine is stopped, the heating mould plates cool down automatically.
  • Side sealing is positioned by the specially-equipped photo cell.
  • Automatic unwind ensures optimum working performance.
  • Additionally, this machine is designed with a full servo drive system.
  • Seven sets of servo sectional control drives are standard equipment that allow for high-speed pouch making.


Model BJ-H-TN600
Unwind Width 500-1200 mm
Unwind Diameter 700mm(max)
Bag Making Length 80~300mm
Bag Making Width 80~600mm
Production Lines 1~2Lines
Machine Speed 0~20m/min(depends on material and length)
Power 220V/380V/440V, 3-Phase, 50/60HZ