Micro Punching machine


Banana Clump Bag Punching and Rewinding Machine
Machine Performance (1) Feeding material width Max 1,015mm
(2) Punching width Max 914mm
(3) Speed Max 200 cycle/min
(4) Main Features a. Machine feed 12 rolls of PE blown film at one time.
b. Precise punching mold is driven by the AC motor. Punched waste fall down to the collector
Component Specifications (1) Size control 2.0KW servo motor control
(2) Unwinding device Flat conveyor with manual brake device*12sets
(3) Mechanical punching device
a. Main motor 5 HP 6P AC Motor with inverter speed control
b. Precise punching mold
b-1. Punch holes capacity 2rows/time
b-2. Punch interval 10mm