PP/PE Monofilament Making Machine


Model 88m/m PP/PE Monofilament Making Machine
Production capacity About 80 kg/hr
Material to be used PE & PP
Dia.of filament ∅ 0.1~0.5 m/m
Screw dia. ∅ 80 m/m
Screw L/D 28:01:00
Drving motor 40HPx6P A.C.motor with inverter control
C.Die Nozzle x 2pcs 〔∅1mm x 240 (5Ply x 48)Holes〕
D.Control Panel Independent type switch board(box)
Auto.thermo control 7 points digital display
E.Manual Type Screen Changer
F.Cooling Device Water cooling tank
G.Take-Off Unit"A"
Driving motor 7.5 HP x 4P with gear reducer
Take-off speed 10~25 M/min
H.Stretching Device Hot water & keep warm type
Heating capacity 22KW
I.Take-Off Unit"B"
Driving motor 10HP x 6P with inverter
Take-off speed 50~140 M/min
J.Emergency Stop Device 1 set
K.Winding Machine
Type Flange type

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